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It was a great zombie movie. If you don't know the story, basically what happened was some animal activists try to save some Chimps from an animal research facility in England. They however didn't understand the warnings the scientist they captured made to them, to not let the monkeys out of their cages, as the chimps, unknown to the animal activists, were infected with a biological agent, or an unknown virus that the researchers there must of been trying to cure, it made the chimps go completely insane. One by one they were quickly infected as the virus takes 10 to 20 seconds from the bite/blood contact to turn someone into a homicidal maniac. These aren't the half ass undead where they wander around, moan and shamble, these are cold blooded killers that will smash through walls if they get a little smell of your blood. The virus from one person I can tell leaped from person to person in villages around England. It started of course little known to anyone until it was in the streets of London. Infecting thousands every minute. The virus showed it to be completely unstoppable or containable. A virus that spreads from person to person is easy to control because the national guard, or in this case, the British military, can quarantine the streets and people can be contained, but not these, these infected will go for other people, and climb over army blockades, they do not fear death, do not of death, don't feel pain, pity, or emotion of any kind, just rage. The virus spreads through saliva and blood. You get blood on you, you're dead. You get bit, you're dead. You touch a corpse, you're dead. And it's not a game where you just shoot it and it instantly dies, these things are insane people, a person can survive a few shots from an assault rifle, but you can't tell because they'll pass out from exhaustion or something like that, the infected however don't feel any thing, therefore they do not tire when running, they do not stop when shot in the head, because they do not need most higher brain functions to understand, "you need to die" and they don't eat, at first sign they have bitten and infected someone, they move on to the next person, going from man to man, it would spread like wild fire if in a city like New York. The infected of course didn't eat, so, in time, what saved humanity was not a cure, but they starved to death. The United Kingdom from what I could tell must of been quarantined. Before you say anything, it would be easy to contain the infection. The United Kingdom is an island. The infected are too dumb to swim and can die from lack of oxygen like a person. So, all they need to do is set up shore watches around France, Belgium, some areas of Germany and Denmark and boom, quarantined island. And they can block air traffic going over the country and stop boating in the air, it's much easier to quarantine a specific place like a country then you think. Think about it. It'd be easy to quarantine a country like the US. UK'd be easier 'cause it's an island but still. You can easily take care of Mexico, the Mexican goverment would just use the border fence we already have there to block off infection. You shift your resources from "Search And Rescue" to Quarantine, you can have that virus taken care of within the year. That's actually what happened to the black plague, killed it's hosts too fast. Ran out of people to infect. They just quarantine a nation, soon there would be more infected in that nation then the survivors and then it would come to mind that saving people would be just a waste of resources. Best to save people when you know they are there. In 28 days later, the French were kind enough (I believe it was the French), to send jets over the country of England, looking around for survivors, the military can't search for people in a whole country, they have to think about containment. Quarantine. The safety of the people in the surroundings countries. What would I do if I was in-charge of a nation's security and a virus broke out in... hmm... England. What would I do? Well, if the infected out numbered the civilians still there, I'd just set a quarantine line along the border of Ireland, and another quarantine along it's borders just to be safe, then I'd clear the water traffic around the surrounding area of sea. Then I'd quarantine the shores along Europe, make sure no bodies float up around the area, start waking up and get to chomp on innocent people. Then I'd send patrols out in military helicopters and military jets, sending out radio broadcast, looking for survivors but other then that wait for the infection to solve itself and die down (literally).

Anyway, 28 days later was a great movie, you have to see it yourself, it was really good. The movie basically said "this is the worst case scenario in a zombie outbreak". I'd recommend it. It's good. Lots of gore and screeching.



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Welcome to my page. It is boring as fuck. But behind it all are RP's of awesome and vore as well as science.

Time to save us all... with science.

You just met a minecraft scientist.

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