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April 13, 2013
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"HEY! BRENDAN! WAKE UP I MADE BREAKFAST THIS TIME!" I got out of bed. I had a horrible night terror last the night and I wanted my friends downstairs at breakfast. I walked in the kitchen and sat down next to Totodile "Hey guys I had a horrible night terror" they stopped eating and looked at me "what kind of nightmare?" Aerodactyl! asked. Then I said nervously with a small sigh "W-well? its kind of f#@%d up." Aerodactyl looked at my with a funny look "try me..." then I sighed "O-okay... I was strapped to a gurney in a dark room with two flashing lights next to me as I watched a play back play back of all the episodes of Fraggle Rock then I realized... I'M IN HELL."

Everyone stopped eating and looked at me like I was covered in bugs. Then Typhlosion broke the silence "Damn..." after diner I had a quick time boxing in the work out room and I went to lay down. Just behind Arbok slithered down the hallway. Arbok got in front of me "Hm? oh. Hi Arbok, nice to see you." I didn't know what she was up to at first. "Are you tired... and weak?" I responded "Y-yes?" She blushed "Well? I know a nice soft place for you to go to sleep."

I started to understand "A new place to sleep?" She stated to talk more calmly "Yes. A nice... soft... warn, safe place." she started to coil around me. "If it's okay with you?" I have only done this once with Charizard so I don't know what to expect from my Arbok. I know from the look on her face that she was going to swallow me whether I would agree to it or not. "Um... okay?" She coiled me up "Mmmm! this is going to be great!"

Her head got closer over to my head. She opened her mouth wide and I saw her teeth retract. Her mouth went over my head and I felt her saliva on my head. I felt a squeeze on my head and torso, I think it was a swallow. I slide down more into her body. My feet finely dispersed into her mouth. I slide into her stomach it was soft and wet. It was more soft then Charizards stomach and more it felt more safe. "Are you okay in their, prey?" I woke up "hm? oh! I'm okay. It's really lovely in here. And could you not call me, prey? I'm very sensitive right now." I heard her pulse "sure... but you are my prey. Now go to sleep, Brendan." I closed my eyes and feel asleep knowing I was safe and close to my friend.

A safe place to sleep safe with my friend Arbok.

This one of the few stories you see my Pokemon call me by my real name.